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Interior design – best tips for your home!

The house does not become habitable on click. It becomes home as a result of its interior design, cosy atmosphere and love of its inhabitants for each other. What interior tips will help you create a harmonious home?

First of all, you need to figure out what style your house will be. There is a great multitude of styles, they all differ from each other – Modern, Scandinavian, Mediterranean or rustic, etc. Naturally, you can combine styles, but you need to do it skillfully, so that the interior is not too diverse.

Trends in interior design are subject to change, so it is important to understand for yourself what you want. Then you will not have to run for every new turn of whimsical fashion, and you will quietly enjoy ageless classics.

Some top tips worth being followed

You should consider your own lifestyle

The most important thing is that the interior style meets your own lifestyle. If you are often absent, it is better that the house has fewer areas that need cleaning, then you can, for example, use a robot vacuum cleaner. If you spend a lot of time at home, you should provide a space where you can sit, read a book, drink tea. 

Avoid overdoing with different styles

Stick to the same pattern throughout the house, so that the rooms are not too different from each other. This way you will create a unified picture that is pleasant to be in. Of course, a little play with styles in different rooms is quite acceptable, but at the expense of colours and elements rather than due to the invasion of an alien style.

Play with accessories

If you want the house to be filled with a special atmosphere at different times of the year, then focus on accessories. Pillowcases, candles, picture frames, tablecloths give a great opportunity to create a romantic Christmas atmosphere or colourful spring emotions in the house. Replacement of accessories brings freshness and new breath to the house, while being still a budget option.

Use the help of specialists

Some people believe that using an interior designer is expensive and pointless, but in fact, after investing in a professional assstance once, you will gain over the years. With the help of a specialist, the interior will find a uniform, smarter and more thoughtful solution. This way you will not only get help in implementing your ideas, but also feel proud of the house, the interior of which is decorated with taste.

The UNICO team includes an interior architect and interior designer who will be happy to help you design your home, give advice and share their experience.

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