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Renovation of old buildings – justified or not?

There are always relevant discussions on whether it is worth restoring the old house or it is easier to demolish it and build a new one in its place. Both options have their pros and cons, and before making a final decision, you need to weigh everything carefully.

Using the help of experienced specialists, you should examine the building – whether it is a private house, a commercial building or an object of protected architectural heritage, thoroughly analyze it and determine the condition of a building based on the analysis. If the building really fell into disrepair, when the renovation is clearly not enough for the sake of safety and for the purpose of using it, then you need to weigh the options for reconstruction, rebuilding or demolition.

Professional renovation results in a new value of building

If the building is well preserved, then a high-quality and skilful renovation will breathe a new life into it. At the same time, it is important to carefully choose a partner for renovation, only then the customer will get the desired result.

The Unico construction company is engaged in renovation as one of its main activities. Our projects cover the renovation of private houses as well as other buildings and objects that are protected as national heritage.

Renovation of buildings includes the analysis of the object, if necessary, planning a new one, updating the construction object or its communication systems to improve technical properties, changes in the interior or exterior of the building. Besides, mechanical stability, safety requirements (fire, health, hygiene, environment, use, noise, etc.), energy efficiency and stability of characteristics are also reviewed and updated if necessary. The goal is to provide a planned solution to the properties of using the object with minimal changes in plans, in use of premises and areas.

The UNICO – renovation of Viljandi manor

With many years of experience behind, we are able to renovate or restore even complex and challenging objects. One such example is the renovation of Viljandi manor, which has been abandoned for many years. Now, at the request of the customer, the UNICO is building on the site a hotel with two dozen rooms, a SPA and a restaurant.

Saunas, a swimming pool, a relaxation area and a café come to the basement of the house, a restaurant, halls and four rooms on the first and other rooms on the second and third floors. The house will get a restored former cast iron staircase in the lobby and the historic building will also have an elevator. It is planned to build a glass café extension on the west side of the house.

This is a large and voluminous work, because the building is under the state protection as a national heritage. It required extensive research from the basement to the attic before construction and restoration work could begin. The examinations showed that the building is in good structural condition. The biggest damage has been to the facades, which have lost their rich decor while the interiors are well preserved.

Restoring an empty manor to a hotel will probably take a year and a half and will cost almost three million euros.

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