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Construction of a private house – from a project to the turnkey house

Building a private house is an important step for any family, because it is about your own home. A home that should be safe, comfortable, and where it will be good for years to come. Therefore, you must carefully choose a partner who is competent in both design and construction, and who can offer a fair value for money.

After completing the connections and if you have preliminary documents, first of all, design conditions issued by the local government, you may start to design your home. It is extremely important that the client openly shares all their wishes, thoughts and ideas, only then the designer can prepare the most suitable plan and weigh all options. Discussing financial opportunities is also relevant so that the designer can choose building materials in the appropriate price class for the client.

The design process includes several stages:

  1. Draft project,which gives a general idea of residential house or building; 
  2. Preliminary projectthat is required for obtaining a construction permit; 
  3. Main project,contains a detailed and most comprehensive overview of the entire construction plan, provides an input for an accurate budget and construction.

A turnkey solution includes many different aspects – from designing and project management to building construction, obtaining various approvals, permits, and communicating with authorities. In addition, interior work, interior design and even landscaping.

Building a house means an incredible amount of paperwork, red tape and even more requirements to be fulfilled, so instead of taking up time from your work and family, it makes sense to find a partner who will go through all the stages of construction, from the creation of the project to the transfer of keys, i.e. until the end of construction. Thus you will save time, nerves, and even money.

Choose a construction company that does everything on time

The UNICO construction company offers all construction works. Our team consists of specialists from different fields, and all of them are focused on the highest quality, best and sustainable results. Due to the accumulated international experience, we can offer the most innovative solutions and make the client’s home even more comfortable, beautiful and cosy.

One of the most critical aspects of building a private house is the time frame. It often happens that the builder promises one thing, but the result is something else. The UNICO does not allow itself anything like that! Our entire team strictly adheres to the goal of completing the project and delivering it to the client by due date.

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